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Re-sharpening Service

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1. Grinding of Gun Drill

When the gun drill wears out, we can provide grinding service, short grinding time, high quality, to ensure the use of our customers.

2. Replacement of gun drill tip

We not only provide gun drill manufacturing services, but also have gun drill tip replacement services.

When our customer's welding gun drill can't be repaired, we will provide the replacement service, straighten the rod of the gun drill, replace the alloy head, after the replacement, the gun drill and the new gun drill have the same quality and life, under normal use, a new gun drill can be changed three times.

3. Cylindrical Tool Grinding

We have many five-axis CNC grinding machines and three kinds of tool simulation software. They are powerful and can complete a wide variety of tools. We have very rich processing experience for non-standard carbide cutting tools as a whole. After more than ten years of experience, we can complete the manufacture and grinding of various difficult-to-machine tools with short cycle and high efficiency. For special drill-point drills, modular cutting tools and various kinds of tools. Forming knives and other knives with complex structure and difficult grinding will provide professional manufacturing and grinding services. And when customers encounter processing problems, our tool engineers will customize tools for customers according to the actual situation to solve customer problems.

4. Non-standard tool grinding

5. Grinding of Replaceable Tools and Drills