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Gundrills for Precision Hole Making

        The gundrill with its ability to machine very straight deep holes and hold excellent finishes, was originally developed for gun barrel manufacturing. Today, this tool is a general-purpose drill designed for deep hole drilling in virtually any
material. The gundrill requires high-pressure coolant through the tool, keeping the cutting edges lubricated allowing for adequate chip evacuation down the flute channel.  DJCTT's Single flute gundrill product line diameter range is1.98mm
[ .078”] through 38.10mm [1.500”] as a solid carbide head. Larger diameter tools are available using a brazed inserted blade design. All gundrills can be made to any specific length, usually more than 3000mm. Lengths over it will have an additional weld joint in the body of the tool.

        The gundrill is designed to drill holes from the solid, obtain bottom hole configurations, and assist in burr free intersections. The gundrill can achieve precision holes in one pass thus eliminating the need for secondary passes, and is a
tool for consistent hole-to-hole reproduction. This tool is unique in its limitations, for machining deep holes are limited to the flute length not the depth of the cut. The design of the Single-Lip, straight deep “V” flutes and high coolant pressure allows for fast, consistent penetration without the need for pecking. Due to the point not being on center, the tool requires either a bushing or a pilot hole. Once into the cut, the tool is self-piloting. The additional advantages of a single flute gundrill: 
Straightness tolerance of 0.03mm[.001”] per foot
Concentricity tolerances of 0.03mm[.001”] per inch
Finish hole diameters as good as +/- 0.013mm [.0005”]
        We have introduced Star Cutter's entire gundrill production line including machines, tooling fixtures, process and raw materials to achieve the same quality as Star-built gundrills have. In the China market, technically we have the capacity to replace all imported gundrills with the most competitve pricing, best tool life, in a lead time as short as 2 days. All gudnrills are custom-fit to applications such as automobile industry, mould industry, agricultural machinery industry, aerospace, medical equipment, petroleum industry, diesel engine, mining industry, military industry. 

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