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Deep-hole Drills

Product scope

10xD~30xD Standard Products and Non-standard Customization Solutions


Suitable for deep hole processing of steel, cast iron and stainless steel


1. Machining center use, all kinds of non-standard deep hole processing

2. Special machine use, large-scale deep hole processing


1, 135 degree drill point, excellent centering ability;

2. Double-edged belt design to improve the straightness of the hole;

3. Special groove design, mirror polishing of spiral groove, greatly

improving chip removal capacity;

4. necking design to reduce friction with hole wall;

5. TiAlN coating increases wear resistance and prolongs tool life.


1. High feed rate can reach 3-5 times of gun drill and high-speed steel drill.

2. High efficiency, no pecking cycle processing, no need to repeat drill withdrawal

and chip removal;

3. Suitable for low pressure cooling and MQL cooling processing.


Deep-hole Drills


Usage flow

1. To process the guide hole, a drill bit with a front angle of 140 degrees and a diameter tolerance of M7 is used to drill the guide hole with a depth of 1.5xD~3xD.

2. Enter the guide hole at low speed (speed 500-1000r/min-1, feed rate 0.2-0.3mm/r), and enter the position about 0.5-1mm away from the bottom of the guide hole.

3. Deep hole processing, starting with the recommended cutting parameters (non-step processing);

4. Return the drill. After drilling, reduce the speed to 500-1000r/min-1. Return the drill at a suitable feed speed (500-3000mm/min) to the starting position. Finally, return the drill with the same parameters as when entering the guide hole.

Matters needing attention:

1. When the processing surface is inclined, it should be flattened first.

2. When processing cross hole or oblique through hole, the rotational speed should be reduced at the crossing and outlet.

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