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Carbide Products


Carbide blanks are produced by H.B. Carbide Company (, a subsidiary of Star Cutter Company of the United States, which provides various high-quality Carbide Blanks & Preforms for the national manufacturing industry. H.B. Carbide chooses the best raw materials, the most advanced central processing unit automatic control vacuum furnace and sintering furnace, to produce high precision and high performance carbide blanks

Product specifications are complete: carbide die blanks, round rod, flat blanks, Helical Coolant Hole Rods and Preforms, Carbide Drill & Reamer Blanks, Gundrill Blanks, etc. The longest rod can reach 900mm.

H.B. Carbide promises customers that H.B. Carbide has a special concept of product quality: we insist on recording and analyzing the whole process of production in processing. We firmly believe that high-quality products come from the high quality of employees, and insist on ensuring that high-quality products become an essential part of every product. Advanced equipment ensures that the blank meets the customer's product requirements in shape design, reduces manufacturing costs, shortens the entire processing time, provides bar cutting service for fixed length, can customize special shape ingredient products, and professional material engineers can solve the problem for you.

Jerry Company is the agent of H.B. carbide blanks & Preforms in mainland China. Therefore, we jointly guarantee with H.B. Carbide to our customers that:

Reply to your quotation and consultation needs within 24 hours

Minimum delivery time: usually within 7-10 days (urgent items can be supplied in advance)

Guarantee quality stability regardless of quantity ordered

With H.B. prefabricated parts, the grinding allowance is very small, and high performance tools with stable quality can be produced.

Technical assistance includes brand selection and/or prefabricated design

Arbitrary selection of total order quantity

Customer's orders are handled by special person to facilitate good communication and feedback.

Persistently improve quality and processing technology to provide users with the best products

Guarantee no crack in WEDM blank

Provide the most thoughtful pre-sale service and after-sale service

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